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Using Buttermilk to Make Fried Chicken Recipes

Buttermilk was traditionally made by churning butter. It was the milky byproduct left over from doing that. Today it is made from skim milk, live cultures, lactose, water and a tiny bit of butterfat.

Marinating chicken pieces in buttermilk overnight or for several hours before making your favorite fried chicken recipe is strictly optional but many people would say it is well worth doing. Buttermilk not only gives your chicken a fantastic flavor but it also helps to tenderize the meat and make it soft and delicious.

If you are looking for a real southern fried chicken experience, soak your chicken in buttermilk before you fry it and you will be able to tell the difference. Once you have tried this approach to making the best deep fried chicken recipes you will want to use buttermilk every time.

Stir together some buttermilk, hot sauce, salt and black pepper, and marinate your chicken for 30 minutes or more. Use glass dishes or Ziploc bags. Next add parmesan and breadcrumbs and pan-fry or oven-fry until crispy and golden brown.

More About Buttermilk

Buttermilk is available in any grocery store worth its salt and you should keep it in the refrigerator. In Australia and the UK, buttermilk is used primarily for making muffins and scones but in other countries it is used for marinating and even cooking. Yogurt is another option for marinating chicken.

Using Buttermilk to Make Fried Chicken RecipesButtermilk is acidic, so as well as giving the chicken a nice tangy flavor it tenderizes it, resulting in juicy and succulent fried chicken. Buttermilk is not compulsory so if you can’t find it, don’t worry too much because there are plenty of wonderful fried chicken recipes you can make but if you have access to it, give it a try.

Other Uses for Buttermilk

Some people like to drink buttermilk but many do not. Try adding it to baked goods instead of milk, and do this when making pancakes, scones, muffins or waffles, to get a richer, moister result. Use it instead of milk or cream when making ice cream if you want a tangy flavor, or pour some into your morning smoothie instead of some of the yogurt.

Buttermilk works well in homemade salad dressings. Combine equal parts of buttermilk, mayonnaise and sour cream, then add herbs or spices to taste. You can also add grated cheese to the dressings. Buttermilk can be added to soup to thicken it and add a creamy finish. Try it in cream of mushroom soup or roasted bell pepper and tomato soup. Buttermilk does not boil well so ensure it is at room temperature before you add it and only add it in the final few minutes of cooking, else it will break up and not look good.

Try buttermilk in your next shrimp or crab cakes along with the egg whites, to add a unique flavor, or add some to béchamel sauce or your next creamy baked pasta dish for a wonderful tang. Buttermilk can be used instead of regular milk in eggplant parmesan. Just dredge eggplant slices in buttermilk, then coat in breadcrumbs and either fry or bake until juicy and golden brown.

Buttermilk is also nice in vegetable purees. Boil vegetables, then drain and mash with buttermilk, grated parmesan and cream cheese for a wonderful taste. You can use vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower, carrots or rutabaga for this.
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