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How to Make Southern Fried Chicken

Southern fried chicken is such a well loved dish. Imagine succulent, tender chicken encased in a crispy, perfectly flavored batter. You might prefer mashed potatoes with gravy or French fries alongside your southern fried chicken and perhaps a salad or some hot corn on the cob with butter melting over it. If you are like most people, that image alone might be enough to make your eyes water. So, if you want to know how to make southern fried chicken like a professional chef, you will be pleased to know it is quite easy.

Southern fried chicken can be made with boneless or bone-in chicken and it can be made with skinless chicken or chicken with skin. The chicken pieces are coated in flour and a batter or breadcrumb mixture and then deep fried. It can also be oven fried or pan fried. The coating makes the outside of the chicken crispy.

Learning how to make southern fried chicken is easy. You simply coat the chicken in your preferred coating and fry it until it is golden brown and delicious.

The History of Fried Chicken

Food has been deep fried for hundreds of years, in many different countries. Mexico, Russia and Japan have all used this cooking method for centuries and deep frying was popular in Europe in the medieval era.

Fried chicken was popular as soon as it was introduced in the American south. The slaves on the plantations introduced flavorful seasonings and spices to the original fried chicken recipe, which was quite bland. They were allowed to keep chickens so southern fried chicken became incredibly popular all over the American south in a short space of time. From then its popularity spread worldwide and now more and more people want to learn how to make southern fried chicken because it tastes so good.
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