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How to Make Batter to Fry Chicken

The batter, or coating, is perhaps the most important part of fried chicken recipes. You can forget about those Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons because making your own fried chicken is not difficult. If you are looking for a deep fried chicken recipe or fried chicken batter recipe, we have plenty of different ones for you to choose from.

If you want to make the best fried chicken batter recipe, here are some useful tips, which you can use alongside our fried chicken recipes.

Work from left to right or right to left with seasoned flour, egg batter and breadcrumbs or a coating mixture, to minimize mess.

When all the chicken pieces are coated, let them rest so the batter sticks better. You can do this in the refrigerator if you are not going to be frying the chicken for a while.

You can dip your chicken pieces in egg mixed with evaporated milk before dipping in the dry coating for a tasty flavor.

Add some texture and some healthy fiber by adding wheat germ or bran to the chicken coating mixture.

Unsweetened cereals or cracker meal make interesting coating mixtures.

Combine half cornstarch and half flour with some seasonings and half a teaspoon of baking powder for a really crispy chicken batter.

How to Make Batter to Fry ChickenUse a brown paper bag or plastic bag to coat the chicken pieces in dry coating.

To make the coating stick well, you can refrigerate the coated chicken, uncovered, for an hour before frying.

Deep-fry the chicken pieces until brown and then finish cooking in a 350 degrees F oven for a crispy and dry coating.
If you are learning how to make chicken batter, you will realize that the more often you make southern fried chicken recipes, the better at it you will become.

How to Make Batter to Fry Chicken

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A Picture of some boneless skinless chicken being prepared to batter dip the chicken to fry it up into some delicious fried chicken. There are a number of things you can use to batter your chicken among these are, combinations of flour and spices and or herbs, crunched up breakfast cereals such as “Corn Flacks” make a good batter along with other dry ingredients.

You can also try different types of grain and grain flours such as rye, oat and wheat. Things such as milk, buttermilk, cream and egg are also helpful to get the dry ingredients to stick to the chicken and can help make a heavier batter for extra crispy fried chicken. Experiment you will find many things can give you a wonderful southern fried chicken or even an international recipe for fried chicken for a different flavor.
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