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A Few Handy Fried Chicken Tips

Fried chicken is easy to make but if you haven’t made it before it is handy to know a few tips before you begin. If you are new to making fried chicken recipes, use a big heavy pot rather than a skillet. A skillet has lower sides and can spit and splatter, so stick with the pot until you get use to cooking in oil for safety’s sake. Use a two and a half pound fryer if you are cooking a whole chicken. Small pieces cook better and faster than bigger ones and you want your chicken to cook all the way through, to be safe.

An instant-read thermometer is a good idea because the temperature of the oil has a big impact on the chicken. If the oil is not hot enough the chicken crust will get soggy but if it is too hot the chicken can burn. 325 degrees F is a good temperature to use but remember the temperature dips every time you add new pieces of chicken to the oil. Cook dark meat before white meat. White meat cooks quicker and will dry out if you cook it for the same amount of time as the dark meat.

How to Deep Fry Chicken

When you deep fry chicken you usually coat it in a batter or crumb coating first. If you are using a breadcrumb coating it is a good idea to leave the chicken on a rack for half an hour so the coating can dry. You don’t have to do this if you are using a batter. Deep fry small pieces of chicken because bigger pieces take too long to cook and might not cook properly in the middle. Fill a deep skillet or deep fat fryer half-full with oil and heat it up to about 360 degrees F. Drop a bread cube in to see how hot it is. If it browns in fifty seconds the oil is the perfect temperature to cook your buttermilk fried chicken.

Add three or four chicken pieces to the hot oil with a metal spatula or pair of tongs. Don’t overcrowd the pan. Cook the chicken for about eight minutes or until it is golden brown. Take out any cooked pieces of chicken and drain them on paper towels or brown paper. It is important to keep the oil hot and the temperature falls when you add new pieces of chicken. You might need to adjust the temperature as the chicken cooks because of this, turning it down when the chicken starts to brown and up when you add new pieces.

A Few Handy Fried Chicken Tips

Ideas for Southern Batter Fried Chicken Dipping Sauces

If you like traditional fried chicken recipes you might want to serve your southern fried chicken with mayonnaise or ketchup. Maybe you want to make gravy and mashed potatoes and serve the chicken with the gravy, potatoes and perhaps some green beans. There are also some dipping sauces you can make if you want a change.

What about a sweet and sour dipping sauce or a BBQ dipping sauce? There are plenty of sauce recipes to choose from and crispy southern batter fried chicken is wonderful to dunk. What about a lemon mayonnaise or a garlic mayonnaise dip? Simply add lemon juice or minced garlic to mayonnaise to make these easy chicken dip recipes.
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