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Crunchy Fried Chicken with Corn Flakes

I love having different sites on different food subjects. It allows me to explore different cultures, regions and parts of the world that motivate me food wise. As you know I am a New England girl and before we go starting a deep divided again let me just say I am very open minded and understand some places just do some foods better. Now with this said I told you I like exploring different foods and no exploration would be complete without the quid essential southern food of fried chicken.

When I set out to do anything outside my base I research the hell out of it and so does my staff. I would not begin to have done a Mexican food site without understanding it completely and I think over ten years I have built one of the best sources for Mexican inspired food on the internet corporate competitors included. Why because I put love into every recipe these have to get approved by five hungry guys and trust me being the only girl in a house of five guys they don’t cut me any slack when it comes to good food.

I think you will see that in this world made smaller by the internet we can understand others even if not having the luxury of living there. So I will put any one of my sites up against anyone’s and feel confident in the fact that we deliver top content on any subject we cover. Just like chefs travel and study so have we just in a virtual way. So as for this recipe it is a true southern based recipe and I think you will love the crispy texture to the crust this recipe achieves through the use of the corn flake crust. Finishing it off in the oven ensures a crispy crunchy chicken that is cooked through, yet moist inside and perfect on the outside as well. Continue reading

Oven Fried Chicken Leg Quarters with Herbs and Spices

Now I know the purest out there are going to tell me this isn’t real fried chicken and they’re right not in the truest sense of the term. What it is though is a cooking method that is a healthier way of preparing chicken and having the feel of fried chicken without having to lie to you cardiologist. Don’t get me wrong I love fried chicken or I wouldn’t do a whole site dedicated to it but there are other methods of frying thus the international category and although in my opinion southern fried chicken is the top of the pyramid that doesn’t mean we can’t explore the other levels of the fried chicken pyramid and enjoy chicken more often without having to need an ER each time.

If you are only doing it once in a while by all means try one of my traditional southern fried chicken recipes, but if you eat chicken a few times a week like my family then you are going to want to mix it up for two reasons. One it is healthier enough said there and two it breaks up the heaviness of batter fried chicken and offers a lighter dinning experience than regular fried chicken would be too heavy to eat to many nights a week. I also like doing stir-fries to mix it up and although not traditional southern cooking method either I don’t think anyone can argue that a good stir-fry is a way of enjoying more chicken with more verity.

See my family eats loads of chicken as it is the easiest way to stretch the food budget with a house full of carnivorous guys and still keep meat the focal point of each meal. But chicken can get boring if made the same way each time so I mix it up with a nice fried chicken one night an oven baked one another and then follow it up with a nice stir-fried chicken or a stove top cooking method. This keeps chicken the main meal three nights but different each time so no food repeat boredom in the mix which is very important to keep meals varying it makes everyone happier. And as a working mom I know I am giving them a healthier alternative to other meats, saving on the budget, and offering a verity of different options regularly so we are all happier.

Continue reading

Southern Buttermilk Fried Chicken Strips

Down south there are as many different ways to make fried chicken as there are ways to make grits and almost every household has their own take on this classic southern dish. This recipe is designed to capture that taste in each bite with one thing missing the bones. This is for two reasons one no bones means all meat and coating second it cooks quicker so not as much waiting for that delicious southern treat to be ready to eat.

It is a well known fact that if you want fried chicken down south does it best just like New England does chowder best. Some parts of this big country just seem to have a knack for making things a bit better than others and chicken means south in my book. You ask how a New England girl like me can do it right I have spent much time in the south and a lot of time looking at southern chicken recipes and testing different combinations to make sure I get that true southern taste.

One of the things when you run a food site in today’s day and age is there is so much information and place to find information to make the world a bit smaller. I take every ethnic cuisine, regional taste and particular nitch very serious like it is the only food on earth and then add my special flare to it to make it down home good. What makes me so good at this, I have four boys and one man I must get every recipe past and trust me they are true food critics. So I present this recipe for your consideration mom tested and guy approved. Continue reading

Asian Orange Chicken with Green Onions

In Asian cuisine it is very common to fry food then cover it in a sauce. These sauces can range from sweet, to spicy, to somewhere in he middle. This one although it has a bit of bite is more or less a sweet sauce and warning not diabetic friendly. If you want that you will have to replace the brown sugar and white sugar with something like agave nectar but I have not tested this so it may take some trial and error.

This is one of the perennial favorites at Chinese takeout restaurants and it is no wonder. Americans love sweet and we love fried chicken in fact it is a core comfort food in many households so to combine these taste together is nothing short of culinary genius. I mean if you want to get an American to pay attention to a food item sugar and fried are two easy steps in the door.

I tried to keep this recipe straightforward as possible and although it does have a fairly long list of ingredients it is actually pretty simple to prepare. I mean the chicken is a simple dredge and flour kind of fried chicken so nothing to out of the norm there. And the sauce is all made in one pan and is mainly just some combing and whisking so it doesn’t burn to the bottom of the pan. If you want to make the sauce ahead of time and then just reheat it when you do the chicken just reheat it over low and be patient and it will be a pretty no fuss thing. Continue reading